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Kim Hyun-joong's ordeal continues

  • Published : Oct 2, 2014 - 14:30
  • Updated : Oct 2, 2014 - 14:30

Actor Kim Hyun-joong will come clean of all charges except one assault charge against his ex-girlfriend, the local police said on Monday.

Out of the four charges that were filed by the ex-girlfriend, three were dropped after the signer apologized to her. The only charge that was referred to the prosecutors’ office was the assault charge that gave the woman an injury of a 2-week recovery period.


"Among the four cases that were reported, the portion of the assault charges that Kim Hyun Joong acknowledged was forwarded to the prosecutors on September 29,” a local police said.
The apology came three weeks after the woman filed charges against Kim, accusing him of beating her on multiple occasions.

The 28-year-old idol’s then-girlfriend claimed that Kim attacked her several times between late May and mid-July, which left her with bruises and broken ribs.

The violence broke out while arguing with Kim over “women issues” at his home in Jamsil, eastern Seoul, she said.

Kim, however, only partially admitted to the charges during the Sept. 2 questioning by the police at Songpa District Police Station in southeastern Seoul.

Kim acknowledged that he had used violence against the woman only once and accidentally, rejecting the accusation of “repetitive assaults” against her.


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