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Jung Il-woo was uncomfortable with TVXQ Yunho

  • Published : Nov 3, 2014 - 12:26
  • Updated : Nov 3, 2014 - 12:26

Actor Jung Il-woo confessed that he used to have a war of nerves with actor and TVXQ member Yunho in the beginning stages of acting in MBC’s period drama “The Night Watchman.”

Actor Jung Il-woo (OSEN)

In an interview with the local online tabloid Star News, Jung Il-woo initially had a hard time acting together with Yunho, because they were “extremely worked up about their roles as rivals.”

In the historical romance drama, 27-year-old Jung plays Prince Yi Lin, whose rivalry with the royal swordsman Moosuk, played by Yunho, gradually turns into friendship.

He said, “Things were gruff at first, with two big boys trying to be edgy. But after a while, we became more comfortable with each other. We had many people telling us that our acting became smoother as time went.”

Yunho of TVXQ (OSEN)

Jung added that Yunho, one year older in age, was a good acting partner throughout the filming of “The Night Watchman.”