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Filmmaker Yoo Ha praises actors in ‘Gangnam 1970’

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Updated : January 13 2015

Well-known Korean filmmaker Yoo Ha praised the looks of leading actors of his film “Gangnam 1970” -- Lee Min ho, Kim Lae-won and Seolhyun -- at an online live talk hosted by Naver on Wednesday.

“Lee Min-ho, Kim Rae-won and Seolhyun’s pure faces are just like food free of chemical additives.” Yoo said.

“When I first decided to cast Seolhyun as a lead actor in my film, I was skeptical about whether she could become a good actor but
now I admit that she is the perfect fit for the role with her pure and innocent look.”

“Gangnam 1970” will be released nationwide on Jan. 21.

By Hong Hye-jin (

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