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Lovelyz to release album May 2

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Updated : April 21 2017

Lovelyz (Woolim Entertainment)
K-pop group Lovelyz on May 2 will drop a repackaged version of its second studio album on May 2, according to its agency.

Woolim Entertainment on Friday uploaded a 30-second “prologue film” promoting the upcoming repackaged album on its official YouTube channel. The repackaged album will be composed of a follow-up to “R U Ready?” in which a few new songs are added to the track list.

Blurry images of the band were shown in the brief clip.

It would mark an unconventionally quick return for Lovelyz, as the band just released “R U Ready?” in February.

Having debuted in November 2014, Lovelyz was the first all-female vocal band produced by Woolim Entertainment.

While not quite having taken the K-pop scene by storm, the group has released solid hit singles including “Ah-choo,” “Destiny” and Wow!”


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