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Lee Hyo-ri gives IU heartfelt love advice

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Updated : July 17 2017

Lee Hyo-ri offered IU some heartfelt advice on love on Sunday’s episode of JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay.”

In the program, Lee and IU were seen heading to Lee’s favorite trail on Jeju Island after finishing up household chores.

Watching a beautiful sunset over the coastline of Jeju, the two singers sat down to talk about their honest thoughts on love.

Sharing how she fell in love with her husband Lee Sang-soon, Lee said, “When I visited Jeju for the first time with my husband, we went to this small island. His arm was broken at the time, and I had to help him put on his socks. I think that was the moment I fell in love with him.”

“If you ever find someone you want to date, bring him here,” she said.

When IU asked Lee if she would ever find true love, Lee shared that she had the same concerns about marriage and was even unsure whether her marriage would last long.

“But ever since I met my husband six years ago, I’ve never had second thoughts,” said Lee.

“If you want to meet someone decent, you have to become a good person too,” Lee added.

By Hong Dam-young (

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