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[V Report] BTS members trick one another in Paris

  • Published : May 22, 2019 - 12:22
  • Updated : May 22, 2019 - 14:10

Broadcast date: May 21-22
Starring: BTS, Twice, GOT7, NU’EST

BTS bandmates played the mafia game during their stay in Paris, in the 72nd episode of “Run BTS!” on Naver’s V Live.

(Naver's V Live)

“I have played this game several times, and it’s harder to play with those who don’t even know the rules,” said Jimin.

Jungkook, one of those new to the game, complained when Jin suspected that he was a mafia member for being silent.

“He is always quiet!” said other bandmates. The youngest member protested, “I’m not saying much because I don’t get how this works!”

For all three rounds of the game, Jin pleaded that he be allowed to live so that he could enjoy the game longer.

V was unusually vocal during the game, as stakes got higher for him in the third and final round. “I am the only one who hasn’t been a mafia so far, and if the mafia wins the last round as well, I may have to wear two shirts (designed by Jimin) at once!” he said.

J-Hope was chosen by staff as a secret spy to lead the game but when he revealed the fact afterward, he was the one surprised because everyone already knew and had their own agenda.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/128436.

Close look at GOT7’s new EP

Kpop Herald unboxed GOT7’s recently released EP, “Spinning Top: Between Security and Insecurity.”

(Naver's V Live)

The seven-piece band has been busy -- singing solo or in a duo, and acting -- and is back as a whole after about five months.

“This album is their first since the third studio album Present: You,” began reporter Hong Dam-young.

“Eclipse,” the lead song from the seven-track EP, was written and composed by leader JB. It is about the anxiety the group feels despite its fame and accomplishments.

“Soon it will be their seventh year (since debut), and it’s very common for Kpop acts to feel that way at that point of their career. They have all those achievements but they are not certain whether or not they can maintain them or keep growing up or fall down,” said, Hong adding that such feelings were the main topic of the interview she had with GOT7 the previous day.

“The song is about a relationship. A guy and a girl, they do have an intention to make the relationship work but at the same time the singer feels fears and doubts. … I think this also expresses those feelings about the fans,” noted reporter Ahn Sung-mi.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/129884.

Twice’s Tsuyu, Momo share seafood feast

Tsuyu and Momo of Twice held an eating broadcast on Naver’s V Live.

(Naver's V Live)

“After practice, Tsuyu asked if anyone wanted to join her meokbang, and I said yes,” said Momo beginning the segment.

“Oh, my family told me to let them know when I do livestreaming,” said the idol, picking up her phone to text a family member. “Aw, so cute!” said Momo.

They showed a wooden hammer and a board, asking fans to guess the main dish.

“I was starving!” said Momo, savoring the salad appetizer. Meanwhile, Tsuyu could not decide whether to wear a pair of glasses to make her eyes look bigger.

The duo donned accessories -- a lobster-shaped hat for Tsuyu and crab-shaped sunglasses and mittens for Momo -- before they were treated to a bucketful of seafood.

They took pictures of the spread, put some food on platters to share with staff and finally dug into the lobster and snow crab.

“Sometimes it feels awkward talking to the camera, but with food in front of you, it feels more natural,” said Tsuyu.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/130211.

NU’EST’s Aron thanks fans for birthday messages

Aron of NU’EST checked in with fans on his birthday on Naver’s V Live.

(Naver's V Live)

“Please understand that I am barefaced,” said the performer, covering half of his face with his sweatshirt. “My skin has gotten a little bad recently and I even have some stubble today. I am not going to show it!”

“I am taking a day off lounging at home for the first time in a while. I woke at around noon and didn’t do much. I did take my two dogs for a walk,” he told fans, showing them his two pet dogs, one of which he adopted earlier this year.

Thanking fans who left congratulatory messages for his birthday, Aron marveled at the fact that he had turned 27.

“I was 20 when we debuted,” the oldest member of NU’EST said, assuring viewers that the bandmates had celebrated the day as soon as the clock struck midnight.

“I got a cake of course but I have saved it for later since I am not so fond of sweets,” he confessed.

Watch the clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/130200.

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By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com)

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