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[V Report] Stray Kids' Hyunjin catches up with fans

  • Published : Jun 1, 2020 - 11:29
  • Updated : Jun 1, 2020 - 12:09

Broadcast date: May 31 - June 1
Starring: Stray Kids, Twice, Tomorrow X Together, NU'EST

(Naver's V Live)

Hyunjin of Stray Kids chatted with fans, sharing in their anticipation for the band’s upcoming album in the fifth episode of his solo segment.

“This is awkward, not having done this in a while,” he admitted, chuckling nervously.

He thanked fans for compliments on his new hair, although only the longish back part of his blond hair peeked out from underneath the beret.

“So many of the comments are about the hair ... but I’m not going to talk about it,” said the idol with a smile. He already had dinner: grilled beef, but without salt since he is preparing himself for the pending return.

Hyunjin went through more of fans’ comments, read out one -- “I saw the teaser and can’t wait for the new song!” -- and agreeing that he could not wait either.

“I really want it to come out! Really,” he cried out. “But it’s not far away now ... and we’re preparing a lot ... for you!”

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/194205.

Twice’s Momo can't wait to see fans' reaction

(Naver's V Live)

Momo of Twice went live without prior notice one day before coming out with new music.

“We had an activity that finished earlier than expected and I had my hair and makeup done so (here I am),” she said, putting on the highlight medley of the band’s upcoming EP to listen together.

The idol asked fans about their favorite song. “‘Sweet Summer Day,’ Jeongyeon wrote the lyrics, I like it too,” she went on, “and it’s the most upbeat song from the EP.”

She actually had a chance to write the words but gave up, confided Momo, chuckling.

It is hard to pick a favorite, but she likes all the tracks from the forthcoming EP and would love to perform all of them on the stage. Talking about it reminded her how she wants to perform at a concert, she added.

Momo also indulged fans’ request to show her puppy Boo still sound asleep after following her around earlier in the day.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/194167.

Tomorrow X Together checks in after week 2

(Naver's V Live)

The bandmates of Tomorrow X Together thanked fans as they wrapped up the second week of promoting “Can’t You See Me?” -- the lead track from the group’s second EP, “The Magic Chapter: Eternity.”

Viewers complimented them on their all-white costumes, and the quintet agreed that they loved them as well.

“Did you see the black feather being dropped?” asked Hueningkai, gushing as to how the prop stood out against their costumes.

Yeonjun then thanked Moa -- the group’s official fandom -- for the nomination for first place on a music chart program: “We are so happy and grateful ... for these experiences.”

The idols also appreciated how all the producers of television shows have been catering to their needs for sets and special effects to the smaller details.

“Having the flames not only in the back but also in front ... it made us focus even more,” said Soobin and Yeonjun.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/194172.

NU'EST celebrates 8th anniversary of debut

(Naver's V Live)

The bandmates of NU’EST marked the eighth anniversary of the group’s debut with an online get-together.

“We are not only celebrating the anniversary but also wrapped up promoting our eighth EP. This is the 3,000th day since our debut!” said JR.

They invited viewers to join the party via the live chat room and were moved by a fan’s comment that they have filled up 3,000 pages of memories together. It was all the more special as they were not able to spend the 1,000- and 2,000-day anniversaries as a whole, remarked Baekho.

The quintet carefully checked off the menu and began to talk in earnest. JR cautiously asked if he was not mistaken, reading the number of hearts sent in by their fans as over 400 million.

“Is this possible?” the rest of the bandmates wondered as well, blankly staring at the screen for a few seconds.

This is definitely a record for us, Minhyun declared.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/179743.

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