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Disgraced Enes Kaya flies to Turkey

  • Published : Dec 23, 2014 - 17:46
  • Updated : Dec 23, 2014 - 17:46

Embattled expat TV personality Enes Kaya left for Turkey without a fixed return date to Korea, local media outlets reported on Tuesday.

The Turkish “Non-Summit” star reportedly left Seoul with his wife and son recently in a quiet manner.

The sudden departure came after Kaya’s wife pleaded on Dec. 11 that the news media stop intruding her family’s privacy by reporting Kaya’s adultery allegations for entertainment purposes.


Due to the adultery controversies, Kaya had to leave all of his television shows, including JTBC’s talk show “Non-Summit.” The Turkish entertainer came under fire after multiple women posted their Kakao Talk conversations with Kaya. They alleged Kaya pretended to be single, and coaxed them into having sexual relationship with him.

Kaya’s sudden departure stroked rumors that the disgraced entertainer fled to Turkey to avoid prosecution over adultery charges. He refrained from suing the women who brought up his adultery allegations further fanned the Kaya-on-exile rumor.

“We are not planning to take legal action (for Kaya) at this point,” Kaya’s legal representative told reporters.

However, sources close to Kaya refuted the rumors saying that the international celebrity still cherishes his career and business investment in Korea, and has been meaning to return after spending some remorseful time at his Turkish home, according to TV Report.


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